Est. 1995

Chapter registration number is 9379

>150 members

Of which more than 80 are H.O.G. Life members

>300 Events

Organizing rides, meetings, visits, charity

>100k € CHARITY

Beyond just hanging out and having fun

About us

The one and only H.O.G. chapter in Slovenia

Bikers, enthusiasts, friends! We form the H.O.G. Lipa Chapter Slovenija, promoting positive image of motorcycling.

How things are organized

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles


One of the major – and definitely the most iconic – manufacturer of heavy motorcycles

H.O.G. Harley Owners Group

Harley Owners Group

An organization established by Harley-Davidson Motor Company to connect riders of their motorcycles.

H.O.G Lipa Chapter Slovenija

H.O.G. Lipa Chapter Slovenija

We are the official H.O.G. Chapter maintaining constant local H.O.G. presence in Slovenia.

Our Sponsoring Dealer

H-D Ljubljana

Jurčkova cesta 233
1000 Ljubljana

+386 1 429 57 00


H.O.G. Chapters are carefully and thoughtfully organized. Our officer team keeps Lipa Chapter Slovenija thrive and excel. They will always answer our questions and provide help.

Peter Breskvar


Boštjan Jarič

Assistant Director

Sebastjan Plevnjak

Membership Officer

Mojca Gašperin


Rockers, pins, flags… Gear up with the official
H.O.G. Lipa Chapter Slovenija insignia!

Beyond just “hanging out”

We are especially proud of our Charity heritage

Annual rides with children of CIRIUS Kamnik, raising funds, charity auctions…

Meet us! Thursdays after 6 PM in Two Riders Bar
at Jurčkova cesta 233, Ljubljana.

Visiting Slovenia? Check some of the nicest roads to explore on your bike!

Our members have prepared some recommendations for you. Harness the local knowledge.