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When riding your Harley in Slovenia the information on this page might come useful.

Places to see, roads to ride...

When planning your trip to Slovenia you can find many useful tourist and travel information on these sites. If you're interested in particular route or looking for suggestions about good rides and places to see in Slovenia, you can always contact us. We also prepared some suggestions here.

Service Workshops

Not that your Harley would ever break down, but if you hit the regular service interval while in Slovenia, you can contact the following workshops:

  • Harley-Davidson Ljubljana
    phone: +386 1 429 57 00
  • Klemenčič bikes (customizing and wrenching Harleys for ages), Maribor
    phone: +386 2 4203 128
  • Matjaž Makoter - Max (Authorized service 1988 - 2004), Ljubljana
    phone: +386 41 713 961
  • Boštjan Urbančič (Authorized service 2003 - 2011), Ljubljana
    phone: +386 41 510 993


  • Custom Clinic (many award winning customs from shows held in USA and Padova, I), Ljubljana
    phone: +386 41 708 767

Places we meet

Riding tips

  1. Always wear your helmet. Helmets are compulsory in Slovenia for both rider and passenger. The police will pull you over the same moment they see you riding without one.
  2. Ride with your headlamp on days and nights and make sure other traffic sees and / or hears you. In urban areas especially.
  3. Busses leaving bus stations have the right of way over the other vehicles and some bus drivers tend to prove it.
  4. Crime rate regarding Harley motorcycles thefts is fortunately almost zero in Slovenia. Only one Harley is reported stolen in entire history. Nevertheless, don't make yours to be the second. So keep your items secure and don't leave your motorcycle unattended.


H.O.G. Lipa Chapter Slovenija recommends:


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Once I heard this quote from a die-hard motorcycle driver: "There's always a good weather for a motorcycle ride, but sometimes the choice of clothes is poor." The estimated riding season in Slovenia depends on region (average daily temperatures in degrees centigrade shown below):

  1. Sea side region: December - March (between 5 and 10 C), April - November (10 C or above), mostly sunny;
  2. Other regions: April - October (10 C or above), other months snowy or rainy.

You can find more statistics about weather here (in Slovenian).

For any other questions about riding your Harley in Slovenia, you can write to us or send us an e-mail.