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Antiq Palace Hotel, Ljubljana
Hostel Celica, Ljubljana - World's #1 Hippest Hostel by Lonely Planet
Hotel and Restaurant Šporn, Radomlje
Houses of Tradition
Žabar Inn, Ljubljana

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Map24 Routeplaner
Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia Maps
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Road Cameras (D.R.S.C.)
Traffic Info…/razmere.aspx

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Slovenia - Great Discoveries in a Small Country
Slovenia - Official Travel Guide
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Weather Forecast…/LJ.html
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European Chapters

Croatia (HR)

Pleter Chapter

Denmark (DK)

Chapter 1 Aros…/masterframes.html
Copenhagen Chapter…/index.html
Wendila Chapter

Finland (FIN)

1000 Lakes' Chapter Finland
FIN - Turku Chapter Finland

France (F)

Alsace Chapter…/hog.htm
Armorique Chapter
Arverne Chapter
Atlantic La Rochelle Chapter
Contree des Ducs Chapter
Detroit Chapter
Frejus Esterel Chapter
Haut-Rhin Chapter…/accueil.htm
Languedoc Chapter
Loire Valley Chapter…/HOG_tours.htm
Lorraine Chapter…/hog_fr.htm
Marseille Chapter
Montlhery Chapter
Nantes Ocena Chapter
Normandy Chapter
Paris Bastille Chapter
Paris Nord Chapter
Paris Sud-Est Chapter, Ivry Sur Seine
Reims-Champagne Chapter
Sun South Coast (Nice) Chapter…/robin
Toulouse Chapter
Val de Somme Chapter
Val de Vienne Chapter

Germany (D)

5th Season Chapter, Koeln
Aller-Weser Chapter
Allgaeu Chapter, Hergatz
Ansbach Chapter, Ansbach
Baden Chapter, Buehl
Baltic Kiel Chapter, Kiel
Bielefeld Chapter, Bielefeld
Bodensee-Donau Chapter, Tuttlingen
Breitenfelde Chapter, Breitenfelde
Breitenfelde Chapter, Breitenfelde
Cactus-Chapter, Duesseldorf
Chapter Fulda-Rhoen, Fulda
Classic Chapter Berlin, Berlin
Dockside Chapter, Muenster
Dresden Chapterr, Dresden
Einstein Chapter, Ulm
Elbe Boerde Chapter, Magdenburg
Franken-Chapter, Bamberg
Green Hills Chapter, Tanna
Hannover Chapter, Hannover
Hanseaten Chapter, Hamburg
Herz Ass Chapter, Muenchen
Hohenlohe Chapter, Hohenlohe
Isartal Chapter, Gelting
Korso-Chapter Berlin, Berlin
Ladies of Harley, Blender
Lahn River Chapter, Watzlar
Lakeside Chapter, Kassel
Mainhattan-Chapter, Frankfurt
Main-Side Chapter, Wuerzburg
Mecklenburg Chapter Schwerin, Schwerin
Mecklenburg Chapter, Schwerin
Mittelrhein Chapter, Koblenz
Mueritz Chapter, Bollewick
Munich Chapter, Muenchen
Niederbayern Chapter, Niederreisbach
Niederrhein Chapter, Krefeld
Nuernberg Chapter, Nuernberg
Oberrhein Chapter, Stutensee
Rhein Valley legion Chapter, Rhein Main
Rhein-Neckar Chapter, Buchheim
Rostock-chpt N.E. Germany, Rostock
Royal Bavarian Chapter, Regensburg
Ruhrpot Chapter, Bochum
Rulaman Chapter, Neckartenzlingen
RVLC Bamberg Crew…/BambergCrew
RVLC Heidelberg Horde…/hdhorde
Saar Steel Chapter, Saarbruecken
Schaafheim Chapter, Offenbach
Schwaben Chapter, Stuttgart
South West Bavaria Chapter, Schrobenhausen
Steinwald Chapter, Marktredwitz
Sud Alsace Chapter, Weil
Sud-Harz-Saale Chapter, Salzmuende
Sunset Chapter, Aachen
Thousand Hills Chapter, Remscheid
Thueringen Chapter, Suhl
Trier Chapter, Trier
Welfen Chapter, Braunschweig
Weser-Ems Chapter Germany, Wilhelmshaven
Westfalen Mitte Chapter,
Westpfatz-Saarland, Bruchmuehlbach
Westpoint Chapter Cologne
Westsachsen Chapter, Bernsdorf
Wiesbaden-Nassau Chapter, Wiesbaden

Great Britain (GB)

1066 Chapter, Nr Lewes
Aire Valley
Alpes Spirit Chapter
Bidgwater Chapter, Somerset
Centurions Deva Legion, Chester…/deva.html
Chapel Ash Branch
Chelsa & Fulham, London
Clyde Valley Scotland
Dunedin Chapter Scotland
Essex Chapter Great Britain, London
Fenlanders Chapter Suffolk, Cambridgeshire
Geordie Chapter
Great Western, Bristol
Guernsey Chapter, Chanel Islands
Hogsback Chapter, Surrey
III Rivers
Invicta Chapter, Kent
Ireland 1 Chapter
Jersey Chapter, Chanel Islands
Nene Valley Chapter, GB Towcester
New Forest Branch, Hants…/index.html
Peak Riders, Chesterfield
Rainy City Chapter
Rolling Hills, Cheltenham
Sherwood Chapter
St Leger
Thames Valley Chapter, Maidenhead

Hungary (H)

Budapest Chapter, Budapest

Ireland (IRL)

Provincewide Chapter, Ballyamena

Italy (I)

Alba Chapter
Firenze Chapter, Firenze
Mediolanum Chapter
Milano Chapter
Padova Chapter
Roma Chapter, Rome
Savona Chapter
Treviso Chapter
Trieste Chapter
Varese Chapter
Verona Chapter
Viterbo Chapter

Luxembourg (L)

Luxemburg Chapter

Netherlands, the (NL)

Amsterdam Chapter Mokum
Breda Chapter
Bridge Chapter Apeldoorn
Coast Riders Chapter Almaar
Duke Town Chapter
Fryslan Chapter
Groningen Chapter
Lakes Chapter
Limburg Chapter
North East Holland Chapter, Vroomshoop
Nuth Limburg Chapter…/hognuth.htm
Rijswijk Chapter
Rock City Chapter, Amerisfoort
Rotterdam Chapter

Norway (N)

Arandal Chapter
Bergen Chapter…/bergen-english.htm
Helgeland Chapter…/index1.htm
Hokksund Chapter
Kristiansand Chapter
Lyngdal Chapter…/index.html
Nordvest Chapter…/default.asp
Oslo Chapter…/hog.htm
Ostfold Chapter
Rogaland Chapter…/HOG-ramme.html
Telematk Chapter…/index.htm
Vestfold Chapter…/index.htm

Poland (PL)

Silesia Chapter
Warsaw Chapter
West Side Chapter Poznan

Portugal (P)

Lisboa Chapter
Porto Chapter

Slovenia (SLO)

Lipa Chapter Slovenija, Ljubljana

Spain (E)

Barcelona Chapter, Barcelona
Castellon Chapter, Castellon
Malorca Chapter
Marbella Chapter
Valencia Chapter, Valencia

Sweden (S)

Aros Viking Cahpter…
Bike Street Chapter
Black Mauntains Chapter
Blue Coast Chapter
Dala River Chapter
Gefle Chapter
Gothenburg Chapter, Gothenburg
Jarvso Chapter…/hog.htm
Lulea Chapter, Lulea
Malmoe Chapter, Malmoe
Rockhampton Chapter
Royal Chapter
South Wettern Chapter
Stockholm Chapter, Stockholm
Sun City Chapter
Trollhattan Chapter…/
West Aros Chapter

Swiss (CH)

Basel Chapter
Blackriver Chapter…/hp%20blackriver%20chapter.htm
Geneva Chapter West Switzerland, Geneve
Grischa Chapter…/hp%20grischa%20chapter.htm
Gruyere Chapter
Horsemountain Chapter
Lausanne Chapter…/hp%20lausanne%20chapter.htm
Lucerne Chapter…/hp%20lucerne%20chapter.htm
Marly Chapter…/hp%20marly%20chapter.htm
Moonstone Chapter…/hp%20moonstone%20chapter.htm
Neuchatel Chapter…/hp%20neuchatel%20chapter.htm
New Village Chapter…/hp%20new%20village%20chapter.htm
Northwest Chapter…/hp%20northwest%20chapter.htm
Old Bern Chapter…/hp%20northwest%20chapter.htm
Pelican Zurich-City Chapter
Rabbit Hill Chapter
Seeland Chapter…/hp%20seeland%20chapter.htm
Sun Hill Chapter…/hp%20sun%20hill%20chapter.htm
Swan Hill Chapter…/hp%20swan%20hill%20chapter.htm
Switzerland HOG Main Page
Ticino Chapter…/hp%20Ticino%20chapter.htm
Wine Valley Chapter…/HP%20Winevalley.htm
Yverdon Chapter
Zug County Chapter…/hp%20zug%20county%20chapter.htm
Zurich Chapter…/Hog.htm